TV Classics: Vivir un Poco

Vivir un poco is a Mexican telenovela, which was produced and broadcast by Televisa in 1985. The story was a remake of the very popular Chilean telenovela, La Madrastra from 1981. Vivir un poco tells the story of the quest of Andrea to find justice and her long-lost children but must face the lies and intrigue of the past and present. A story of questions, why? who? how? and the mystery of finding a real killer and discovering family secrets.

When this telenovela aired, during commercial breaks, Televisa showed a 10-second mini commercial where all the suspects to the murder including Andrea were shown one by one and a voice said “Quien es el verdadero asesino, quien?” or ” Who is the real killer, who?”

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In 1965, Andrea travels to Buenos Aires, Argentina with her husband, Gregorio, his 2 sisters and a group of family friends. During the trip, one in their group, Martha, is murdered in her hotel room and Andrea is discovered at the crime scene holding the gun with which Martha was killed. As all evidence initially points to Andrea as the killer, she is tried and sentenced to prison for Martha’s murder.

Her husband and friends believe she is guilty and abandon her in Argentina and return to Mexico City vowing never to mention Andrea’s name again and Gregorio decides to lie to his children when they grow up making them adore the portrait of a woman that doesn’t exist and also make them believe that woman is their dead mother in order to erase Andrea from all of their lives convinced she will never return and finish her days in that prison where he abandoned her…

Other versions

Since Vivir un poco there has been 3 more versions

(1) Para toda la Vida by Televisa (1996) (2) Forever, an english version (1996) (3) La madrastra (2005)

Check the cast and more information on Wikipedia

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