Top 10 | Bottom 10

OK, after a week on the web we have decided to commemorate this moment by bringing you a new weekly seccion, it will show you our top and bottom links of the week, those with more visits and those with almost no visits. Click on the bottom 10, you may be pleasantly surprised. Enjoy!

Top 10

Brian Joubert
Rafael Nadal Butt
Before & After: David Boreanaz
Introducing: Tony Breznik
WTF: Hammer Gutpunching
Genaro Gattuso
Pepsi Campaign 2007: Lionel Messi &
Matthew McConaughey
Jeremy Lory

Bottom 10

My Humps by Alanis Morissette
Futbol Massage
I Just Wanna Fucking Dance
Corey Spears
Picture This!
The Bourne Ultimatum [Trailer]
Karma is a Bitch the blog version!
Karma Lesson: Cell Phone Karma
Latest News: Washington Fired!
Eva Longoria @ Alma Awards 2007   

(Week closed at 9:00 pm EST, Friday June 8, 2007)

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