Top 10 | Bottom 10

Below the Top 10 | Bottom 10 links for the week ending today

Click on the bottom 10, you may be pleasantly surprised. Enjoy!

Top 10

Hottie Chad
Introducing: Rusty Joiner
Introducing: William Levy
Flashback: My Own Private Idaho [1991]
French Open Champion Rafael Nadal…
Full Coverage: Ohio State Wrestling Team
Dumb but Sexy: Jock-Strap Baseball
Introducing: Ricardo Delgado
Latest News: Screaming Paris Hilton sent

Bottom 10

WTF: Britney Spears
Karma Lesson: Fan gets what he deserves!
Picture This!
Cat Fight: Reporter vs Cat
Dancing Queen by Abba
TV Classics: Vivir un Poco
Lionel Messi: You Owe Me Nothing in Return
El Triste by Jose Jose [1970]
Cat Fight: Rosie vs Elizabeth
Almost Weekend!

(Week closed at 9:00 pm EST, Friday June 15, 2007)

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