Andy Roddick Bubble Butt


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6 Responses to Andy Roddick Bubble Butt

  1. For over 20 years now many Coaches and National Tennis Federations around the world, decided to develop players the easy way, with one-mode robot like baseline tennis. Fortunately 2 players survived this onslaught and have kept the interest alive in the serve and volley all court game, Pete Sampras …

  2. abarclay12 says:

    Total bubble butt. He needs implants.

  3. Leojon says:

    Why would he need implant if it’s totally bubbly like that. It’s Perfect the way it is.

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  6. Keshto Arya says:

    I feel your pain. I never had any luck whatsoever with this stuff, either.
    So happy to find out I am not by myself!

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