Karma Exclusive: Rafael Nadal Butt Obsession

Here in Karma is a Bitch we are great fans of Rafael Nadal, I actually was gonna title this one Rafael Nadal Ass Play but, anyway, it seems that Rafael Nadal shares with us the obsession for his butt.

Check these pictures, he was in the middle of an interview and well well, he kept on playing with his racket and his butt… Another Karma Exclusive!


226826656_ef40865530_o.jpg 226826597_8ca2f74df1_o.jpg 226826538_4d088062af_o.jpg
226826489_531c4444f5_o.jpg 226826716_0f0c5d2187_o.jpg

Don’t miss Rafael Nadal on Wibledon’s Final

Check out Rafa on Karma is a Bitch!
Rafael Nadal jumping bulge
French Open Champion Rafael Nadal and his famous Ass

[Who Cares] is June already I want Rafael Nadal 2007 Calendar

Rafael Nadal Butt


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