Karma Lesson: Never fuck around…

You may think it was a urban legend but not, it is real. The situation below happened about 2 years ago, when the former Miss Universe was on a reality show named La Granja (kind of Big Brother show), in Antena 3 Television in Spain. She gets so drunk she ends up fucking with the ugliest guy in the house.

To make things worst she was about to marry with MLB player Bob Abreu but of course he dumbed her and since then she become the most hated personality in Venezuela.

Check out the video to hear classic phrases like “What a dick baby” and “Give me a little bit more papi”. Donald! Sell Miss Universe to someone else, You are Fired!

One Response to Karma Lesson: Never fuck around…

  1. 5283 says:

    oh shitttttttttttt…. damn you alicia….. i want to fuck you too….

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