Introducing: Tony Breznik

Well, I went to downtown today and I saw one of those muscle magz, I saw this guy, so I grab a pen and wrote his name on my hand. After some research this is what we got. UPDATE! I just found the ad I saw on the magazine hahaah! I love Internet LOL. Click here to see it for yourself

Only 21 years old, ambitious Austrian heavyweight Tony Breznik is already making the European competition scene. Although Tony has only been bodybuilding for competition for two years, prior to that he played professional ice hockey (with Team VSV from the city of Villach) and already had the basic strength.

He started bodybuilding after a knee injury forced his early retirement. And already he has taken the Overall title at the Austrian Junior Championships at the Wells International Cup in November, 2005.

Pictures courtesy Muscle Gallery [Join]

To check more pictures and the hot video click the link below. Enjoy!



Video via Orchidella

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