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Genaro Gattuso

Everyone is wondering who was the guy in the picture on the Picture This! section…


Well his name is Genaro Gattuso, Itanian futbol player, he is 29 years old (Jan 9, 1978) his position is a defensive midfielder; however, he sometimes plays on the right side of midfield (in case you were wondering).

Gattuso and several of his teammates shaved their heads during a post-match celebration after winning the 2006 World Cup. He continues to keep his hair closely cropped today in honour of the occasion. 

Now here a couple of videos where you can see his features (haahah)

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Swimsuits by Andrew Christian

Get ready for this summer with Andrew Christian new collection!

Where have you seen that model before?


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Fashion: D&G



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Picture This!



Beyonce’s Bulge

Is it a he or a she? She has cellulitis!!!!

Beyonce's Bulge

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