Corey Spears

This new section is for all those blogs I like. Here Corey Spears blog, check it out, this guy is a real hunk!

sitting here and feeling the desire

move and make it good

downtown all around everytime I feel this way and wanna go

I am restless

open this book or close that door

I know I should do at the very least , more.

Now what  would you send on the wire to tell me to do

to make a move that works for you

because I am restless.

This is Corey… Karma is a Bitch

Horas Tranquilas by Gloria Trevi [Brokeback Mountain, 2006]


Nick, we miss you!!!


Before & After: Milo Ventimiglia

Milo is currently one of the hottest stars on TV, with his role on Heroes and his previous role in Gilmore Girls he has now a great base of fans. Enjoy this before and after.

Before: Gay theme movie Must be the Music

After: Current role in TV Series Heroes

I think we will keep waiting for the first on screen Milo gay kiss.

2008: Sin Miedo a Nada

250,000 Visits

Yep, today we hit 250,000 visits to our blog. Thanks for the support!

Pink Holidays!